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Where can brass hot stamping letters dies be applied?


Many printing factories require a large number of hot stamping alphabet dies. So what are the uses of these small letters?

1.Leather Products Stamping

Most printing factories have experience collaborating with leather product companies,usually for hot stamping orders. And most of them are company logos or names customized by consumers. At this time, brass hot stamping letters have come to great use. Ordinary leather is transformed into exquisite leather handicrafts after being hot foil stamped!

2.Card Stamping

This is a process similar to movable type printing. Print the required brass letters on the card by physically imprinting or foil stamping, then the card will become three-dimensional, metallic feeled and textured. Greeting cards, business cards, decorative cards, etc are made in this way.

3.Packaging Box

If you pay attention, many of the gift packaging boxes we receive have three-dimensional letter patterns on them, in addition to shopping packaging boxes and precious jewelry packaging boxes. The use of 3D high-end gift boxes has become an important way to showcase high-end items.



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