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Central Control Touch Screen Glass

Vehicle Display Cover Glass

● Vehicle-mounted display cover glass is used to protect the vehicle-mounted display. It has the advantages of heat resistance, wear resistance, light transmission, etc., and can improve the clarity and aesthetics of the vehicle-mounted display.

● 3D glass technology can be used for the cover glass of the vehicle display to produce curved glass to meet the diverse needs of the vehicle display and increase the sense of space and technology in the vehicle.

● 3D glass technology can be divided into hot bending process and cold processing method. The cold processing method has the advantages of lower cost and higher quality, and has achieved mass production.

Hud Head Up Display Glass 

● HUD head-up display glass is the glass used to realize the HUD head-up display function. It can project driving information onto the glass in front of the driver's line of sight, so that the driver can grasp most of the driving information without looking down at the instrument, which greatly improves the safety of the driving process.

● The principle of HUD head-up display glass is to use the concentrated transmission of parameters to reflect the light from the projector to the HUD head-up display glass through the reflector to form a virtual image.

● HUD head-up display glass needs to have the characteristics of high light transmittance, high reflectivity, and high color reproduction to ensure the clarity and authenticity of the image.


Smart Touch Glass 

● Smart touch glass is a kind of glass integrated with touch technology, which can turn any flat or curved surface into a display screen with touch function to realize human-computer interaction.

● The principle of smart touch glass is to use capacitive sensing, infrared sensing, pressure sensing, etc. to detect the contact or approach of the user's finger or other objects on the glass surface, and transmit the signal to the controller for processing and response.

● Smart touch glass can be applied to large central control screens, dashboards, car windows, etc. to achieve multiple functions and effects, such as navigation, entertainment, security, and privacy.

Auto Dimming Glass 

● Automatic dimming glass is a kind of glass that can change the transmittance according to the change of external light or voltage. It can realize the function of automatically adjusting the bright and dark states, and improve the comfort and safety of the car.

● The principle of automatic dimming glass is to use the rotation of dye molecules to change the transmittance. Under the drive of voltage, the rotation angle of dye molecules is controlled, and it will appear in a dark state when there is no voltage, and in a bright state when there is voltage.

● Automatic dimming glass can not only achieve sound insulation and heat insulation, but also has the effect of UV protection, which can protect the health and safety of people and objects in the car.

To Sum Up 

● As a traditional material, glass is widely used in automobile interiors. With the continuous development of automobile intelligence, the application of glass in the field of vehicle display is becoming more and more varied, including vehicle display cover glass, HUD head-up display glass, smart touch glass, automatic dimming glass, etc.

● These glasses have the advantages of high light transmittance, high reflectivity, high color reproduction, heat resistance, wear resistance, etc., which can improve the clarity and aesthetics of the car display, increase the sense of space and technology in the car, and realize the functions of human-computer interaction and safe driving.

● Our company can provide high-precision glass engraving machines to meet the above applications, such as glass engraving machines ND1500, ND1500-2, ND1200, etc. They can be flexibly adjusted and switched according to different needs and materials, which can ensure the clarity and consistency of graphics, save labor and time, and improve production efficiency and quality.

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