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Smart Wearable Glass

The concept and market of wearable devices 

● A wearable device is a portable device that is worn directly on the body or integrated into the user's clothing or accessories. Wearable devices are not only a hardware device, but also achieve powerful functions through software support, data interaction, and cloud interaction. Wearable devices will bring great changes to our lives and perceptions.


● The market size of wearable devices has been growing continuously in recent years, and has received more and more market attention. According to the 2023-2029 China Wearable Device Market Status Analysis and Development Prospect Forecast Report, the market size of China's wearable device industry reached 37.2 billion yuan in 2022 and expected to reach 67.8 billion yuan in 2024.

● The market growth of wearable devices is mainly driven by the society's growing demand for health, fashion, entertainment, etc., as well as technological innovation and product diversification drive.

Glass Materials for Wearable Devices 

● The glass material of wearable devices is used to protect the display screen or sensor of wearable devices. It has the advantages of wear resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance, and light transmission, which can improve the clarity and aesthetics of wearable devices.


● The glass material for wearable devices can be lithium-aluminosilicate glass or aluminosilicate glass, among which lithium-aluminosilicate glass is superior to ordinary soda-lime glass in terms of scratch resistance, toughness and hardness, and is widely used in wearable products such as smart watches and bracelets.


● Lithium aluminum silicon glass or aluminum silicon glass can use 3D glass technology to produce curved glass to meet the diverse needs of wearable devices and increase the fashion sense and personalization of products.



● Wearable equipment is an emerging technology with wide application prospects and huge market potential, which represents the latest achievements of modern technology and the direction of future development. It has a high degree of portability and Smartcapabilities, can achieve a variety of functions and effects, and improve people's quality of life and entertainment experience.


● Our company can provide high-precision glass engraving machines to meet the above applications, such as glass engraving machines ND820-2, FC-350II, ND820-3, etc. They can be flexibly adjusted and switched according to different needs and materials, which can ensure the clarity and consistency of graphics, save labor and time, and improve production efficiency and quality.

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