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Flexible Dies

The flexible dies is a blade used for die-cutting labels and other printed products. It is made of carbon steel and the surface is engraved with the required graphics or text.


1. The role of CNC equipment in flexible dies processing is to engrave precise graphics or text on carbon steel according to the designed documents, so as to facilitate the use with magnetic rollers.


2. CNC equipment needs to be equipped with CCD camera, granite vacuum table, length gauge/height gauge, grating ruler, etc. in the processing of flexible knife to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of processing.


3. The advantage of CNC equipment in flexible dies processing is that it can realize high-precision, high-speed and high-stability processing, and can produce various complex and exquisite graphics or text, which can improve the added value and aesthetics of labels.


4. The precautions for CNC equipment in the processing of flexible dies are to choose the appropriate carbon steel material and thickness, to set reasonable parameters according to the size and details of graphics or text, and to maintain and clean the equipment regularly to avoid failure and damage.

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