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Smart Security Glass

The concept and market of smart security glass

● Smartsecurity glass is a glass that can change the transmittance according to the external light or voltage changes. It has many functions such as privacy protection, anti-theft, anti-peeping, moisture-proof, and anti-ultraviolet. It is an emerging Smartsystem.

● The market size of Smartsecurity glass has been growing continuously in recent years, and has received more and more market attention. According to the 2023-2029 China Smart Security Glass Market Status Analysis and Development Prospect Forecast Report, the market size of China's smart security glass industry reached 4.54 billion yuan in 2021 and expected to reach 6.22 billion yuan in 2024.

● The market growth of smart security glass is mainly driven by the growing social demand for smart home and smart security, as well as the government's support for the construction of "smart cities" and "smart homes".

Functions and applications of smart security glass

● The functions of Smart security glass are very rich, and can realize various Smart controls such as automatic adjustment, automatic color change, automatic sun protection, and automatic lighting. For example, Smart security glass can automatically adjust the light transmittance according to the ambient light intensity, and realize the free switching between transparent and opaque states; it can also automatically adjust the heat insulation and heat preservation effects according to the ambient temperature, improving the energy-saving performance of home appliances; it can also realize sound isolation and noise reduction through smart control, and improve the comfort of home appliances.

● Smart security glass has broad application prospects and can be used in various constructions, households, automobiles and other fields. For example, in the field of construction, smart security glass can be used in smart buildings, smart doors and windows, smart billboards and other equipment to improve the technological level and visual effect of the building environment; in the field of home furnishing, smart security glass can be used in smart curtains, smart lamps, smart washing machines and other equipment to improve the intelligence and user experience of homes;


● Smart security glass is an emerging technology with broad application prospects and huge market potential, it represents the latest achievements of modern technology and the direction of future development. It has a high degree of intelligence and automation capabilities, can achieve a variety of functions and effects, and improve people's life and work quality.

● Our company can provide high-precision glass engraving machines to meet the above applications, such as glass engraving machines ND820-2, FC-350II, ND1200, etc. They can be flexibly adjusted and switched according to different needs and materials, which can ensure the clarity and consistency of graphics, save labor and time, and improve production efficiency and quality.

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