CNC Knowledge

Knowledge of CNC machine tools


CNC machine is a product of the combination of information technology and mechanical manufacturing technology, representing the technological level and development trend of modern basic machinery. In recent years, China's CNC machine industry has developed rapidly, and there are currently nearly a hundred CNC machine production factories.


In order to speed up the development of my country's CNC machine industry and better meet the needs of national economic development, the Planning Commission and the Ministry of Machinery Industry have listed important basic machinery as one of the four key areas of revitalization in the "Outline for the Revitalization of the Machinery Industry" issued by the Planning Commission and the Ministry of Machinery Industry. The important basic machinery is mainly the development of CNC machine. The "Ninth Five-Year Plan" and the development policy of CNC machine in our country before 2010 are: focus on six types of mainframes (CNC lathes, machining centers, CNC grinding machines, CNC forging machine tools, CNC heavy-duty machine tools and CNC precision electric processing machine tools), focus on breakthroughs in CNC systems; develop popular models and improve reliability; combine internal and external, focus on me, and realize the industrialization of our country's data-controlled machine tools. During the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period, focus on improving reliability, increasing varieties, and popularizing CNC systems and CNC machine tools to achieve economical scale production. By 2000, the variety of CNC machine tools had grown to 1,000, of which 100 had reached the international level in the early 1990s. The average trouble-free time of CNC machine and CNC systems has reached 10,000 hours, and the annual output has reached 20,000 units. Popularized products are basically based in China.


All manufacturing enterprises in the current machine industry are changing their mindset, raising awareness, starting from user needs, increasing variety, improving quality, reducing costs, and strengthening after-sales service to better meet user needs. At the same time, we sincerely hope that more users will choose domestic CNC machine and provide valuable suggestions.


CNC machines have the following obvious characteristics:

1) It is suitable for the processing of complex special-shaped parts.


2) Realize computer control and eliminate human error.


3) Accuracy compensation and optimal control can be realized through computer software.


4) Machining centers, turning centers, grinding centers, electric machining centers, etc. have tool storage and tool changing functions, which reduces the number of clamping and improves machining accuracy.


5) CNC machine tools add flexibility to mechanical processing equipment. Flexible processing is not only suitable for multi-variety, small and medium-sized batch production, but also for mass production, and can alternately complete the processing of two or more different parts, adding the function of automatically changing workpieces, and realizing unattended operation at night. A flexible manufacturing system (FMS) consisting of several CNC machine tools (machining centers) has a more flexible automated manufacturing system, including processing, assembly and inspection.


CNC machine tools can be divided into three levels: 

1) Type CNC machine tool: refers to a CNC machine that processes complex shapes with multi-axis control or process concentration, high degree of automation, and high flexibility.


2) Universal CNC machine: It has the function of man-machine dialogue, is widely used, and the price is moderate. It is usually called a full-featured CNC machine.


3) Economical CNC machine: simple structure, medium precision, but cheap, can only meet the processing of general precision requirements, and can process straight lines, oblique lines, arcs and threaded parts with relatively simple shapes.