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What products can precision engraving function make?


What products can precision carving function make?Before answering this question, everyone should first know 

what a precision engraving machine is, in order to better understand its processing application.

Here are 12 product series that can be processed, including but not limited to.


1.What is the precision engraving machine?

Precision engraving machine is a type of CNC machine, which is between engraving and milling machines. It can be graved and milled, and focuses on graving accuracy rather than strength. The processing accuracy is higher than engraving machines, and the price is relatively cheaper than engraving and milling machines. Precision engraving machines are generally used for processing products that require precision machining. If unclear, relevant technical requirements can be provided to the manufacturer's technical department to determine whether the precision engraving machine is suitable. The precision engraving machine integrates precision and speed, with an accuracy of less than 0.01mm. Products with multiple heads or workbenches can be processed faster, and batch processing is efficient and labor-saving. It can be equipped with CCD positioning, probes, etc.


2.What products can precision engraving machine make?

1)3C product precision processing.

Such as mobile phone accessories, mobile phone structural parts, laptop accessories, laptop shell, tablet shell, back cover and its accessories.


2)LED display screen precision machining.

LED display screens for various automotive, daily, and industrial products.


3)Precision processing of intelligent wearable products.

Such as smart watches, TWS headphones, smart bracelets, AR/R Smartglasses and other smart wearing products.


4)Fine machining of hardware accessories.

Such as small hardware components, medical equipment components, smart home components, impellers, phone buttons, aluminum parts, aluminum plastic frame, stainless steel frame, stainless steel phone back cover, composite material plate type phone back cover, etc.


5)Acrylic product precision processing.

Acrylic lenses, acrylic decorations, animation acrylic, acrylic handicrafts, acrylic panels, acrylic switches, acrylic shells, acrylic Ashtray, etc.


6)Fine processing of glass products.

For example, mobile phone tempered glass, tempered film glass protective film, optical glass, camera glass lens, mobile phone tempered glass, intelligent wearable window, glass protective film, 2D and 3D curved glass lens, glass panel, glass cover plate, sapphire glass, etc.


7)Bluetooth earphone precision processing.

The charging compartment for various expensive Bluetooth earphones is finely processed.


8)Fine processing of various lenses.

Such as PC lenses, PVC lenses, PET lenses, mobile phone glass camera lenses, optical lenses, etc.


9)Precision processing of plastic products.

For example, 3.5D plastic back cover, plastic dies, plastic shell, mobile phone plastic back cover, mobile phone plastic shell, plastic sheet material, plastic punching, plastic small parts, etc.


10)Fine machining of ceramic products.

Such as ceramic mobile phone case, electroceramics substrate, ceramic dielectric filter, ceramic watch middle frame, etc.


11)Precision processing of composite materials such as carbon fiber and glass fiber.

Such as phone back cover, 2.5D cover, 3D cover, camera, fiberglass circuit board, fiberglass board, carbon fiber cutting, etc.


12)Other products require precision machining.

For precision machining of other products, only relevant precision machining process requirements need to be provided. Our company's technician will help you determine whether the precision engraving machine is suitable for precision machining based on the process requirements. If you have more questions or related needs, you can consult ND CNC manufacturers for free.