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Introduction of commonly used tools in CNC machining center


This article introduces the common tools used in the process of CNC machining centers.

1.The round nose cutter is mainly used for rough machining. In the roughing process of raw materials, a round nose knife with a large R angle is usually used (the smaller the R angle, the slower the roughing). A round nose cutter with a small R angle can also be used to machine contours around surfaces or mill around sidewalls.

2.End milling cutters are also called flat cutters, which are mainly used to surround and process right-angled side walls, and can also be used to dig grooves vertically. In special cases, it can also be used to mill workpiece surfaces.

3.The ball cutter is mainly used for finishing the contour of the curved surface and finely cutting large areas. It is usually used in the later stage of workpiece forming. It can also be used to surround the contour of the side wall and cut grooves. Small ball cutters are also commonly used to process fonts.

4.The reamer is mainly used for reaming. When processing the standard hole diameter, first use a smaller drill bit to drill the hole, then use a reamer to ream the hole, and run at a low speed.

5.Groove cutters are used to mill male and female grooves, and angled dovetail cutters are commonly used.

6. Sharp knives are often used to engrave fonts or engrave workpiece numbers, with different angles. It can also be used for grooving and chamfering. The above are several tools commonly used in CNC machining centers.