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Sudden! How to maintain the machine during an emergency shutdown?


What should do for an emergency shutdown?

In the face of emergency long-term shutdown, how should our machines be maintained so that they can return to normal production and operation faster?


Need to do the following:


1.Machine cleaning

1.1 Clean up the chips and chip fluid on the worktable inside the machine, X, Y, and Z axis shields.

1.2 Clean up the chips in the tool magazine, the chips on the handle, and the chips and oil on the claws.

1.3 Clean up the chips and cutting fluid in the taper hole of the spindle, and do not install the tool holder on the spindle.

1.4 After long-term shutdown, the chips and oil in the three-axis shield should be cleaned up, as well as the chips and oil on the guide shaft.

1.5 When the machine tool is stopped, the three-axis and four-axis need to be moved to the center position.


2. Lubrication and rust prevention

2.1 Lubricate the transmission parts of the tool magazine and apply grease, grease: ensure that the quality of the grease is good.

2.2 Lubricate the mandrel of the spindle loosening mechanism with grease. Grease: Make sure the grease is of good quality.

2.3 Carry out anti-rust treatment on the workbench and three-axis shield, wipe dry and apply anti-rust paste.

2.4 Apply lubricating grease to the taper hole of the spindle, please ensure that the quality of the grease is good.


3. Precautions before recovery


3.1Inspection items

(1) Cleaning the anti-rust oil according to the inspection and maintenance guidelines before long-term shutdown, clean the anti-rust oil of all parts on the machine, using a damp cloth and cleaning agent.

(2) Supply coolant fill up according to the usage requirements of coolant.

(3) General inspection: cooling system, clamping system, lubrication system, electrical system, etc.

(4) Check for oil leakage, check whether there is oil leakage inside the machine and hoses.

(5) Preheating of the machine after starting up, dry run the three-axis, spindle, and tool magazine at a speed of 25% for 30 minutes to check whether each part is normal.


3.2Spindle preheating,before running the machine tool after long-term shutdown, the machine must be run dry according to the following steps:

a) Fix the spindle speed at a safe speed of 1000 rpm;

b) Turn the spindle at 500 rpm for about half an hour;

c) Turn the spindle at 1000 rpm for about half an hour;

d) Stop the rotation of the spindle and preheat each axis (X axis, Y axis, Z axis).


3.3Special precautions

(1) After long-term shutdown, the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis must be idling for about half an hour before running again;

(2) If the machine is not used for a long time, if the spindle speed is too high, it may cause damage to the spindle bearing or chuck hydraulic cylinder.