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How to Choose the Spindle Speed of Precision Engraving Machine?


For customers who are new to this type of CNC machine, it may not be very clear how to choose the spindle speed of precision engraving machines. Below are some content explanations for reference and understanding.


There are many types of spindle speeds for precision engraving machines, such as the common ones of 40000 rpm and 60000 rpm. Usually, the smaller the rotational speed, the greater the spindle torque, and the greater the cutting ability, which has advantages for machining hard materials such as metal parts; The higher the rotational speed, the smaller the spindle power and cutting force, making it suitable for light cutting, soft material product processing, high gloss processing, and so on.


Overall, the selection of spindle speed for precision engraving machines requires a comprehensive selection based on the processed product material, processing technology, and cutting tools. If there are any unclear areas or related product requirements, you can consult ND CNC manufacturers for free which will provide professional product industry comprehensive solutions!