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Introduction to common causes of spindle damage in precision carving machines.


The spindle of precision engraving machines is easy to damage during use, and there are many reasons for malfunctions. Here are some common reasons that we can discuss in daily life:


1.When operating the precision engraving machine, some spindle speeds may not reach the set speed before engraving, which can easily damage the spindle bearings. Another issue is that the resistance of the carving materials is different, and the spindle speed is not adjusted in a timely manner, resulting in damage of the precision engraving machine spindle. Therefore, the corresponding spindle speed should be set based on different material materials.


2.The spindle cooling system of the precision engraving machine has no effect:The water-cooled precision engraving machine spindle has a water circulation system.

If the water circulation is not good for a long time (internal rust and blockage of the spindle or external water pipe blockage), or if forget to turn on the water circulation, over time, there will be a thermal expansion effect, leading to increased friction and damage to the bearings of spindle.


3.For spindles of precision engraving machine that use water cooling (oil cooling), measures must be taken to prevent freezing in winter (especially in low-temperature areas). It is not uncommon for water to freeze in cold winter and cause pipeline rupture, and the spindle of precision engraving machine can also be damaged by freezing.  


4.The quality issue of the precision engraving machine’s spindle, which means that the poor quality of the spindle itself has caused damage to the bearings. The bearing used is of poor quality, which shortens its lifespan and is prone to damage when the main shaft of the precision engraving machine is running at high speed.