Exhibition Bulletin|2023CIMT China International Machine Tool Show


On April 10th, the 18th China International Machine Tool Exhibition was grandly held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Pavilion). Exhibitors at home and abroad showed a new look of the machine tool industry through the latest technologies and products.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, Mr. Pan Enhai, director and deputy general manager of the company, attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon, marking the official opening of the exhibition.

At 1:30 in the afternoon, the awarding ceremony for advanced members (top ten) of China Machine Tool Industry Association officially began. ND CNC won two awards for its products: "ND2000 ND CNC Automatic Processing Production Line" won the "Top Ten Product Quality in 2021", and "FC350 Precision CNC Machining Center" won the "Top Ten Product Quality in 2022".


This year, ND CNC brought many high-quality models to the exhibition, attracting many industry media and audiences to stop and stay.


ND exhibitors brought a brand-new smart factory manufacturing solution, among which ND industrial Internet platform can provide enterprises with cloud equipment monitoring, equipment analysis, maintenance management and other services; equipment management EMC system, specially matched with ND Precision machine tool equipment, helps to quickly understand the operation status of machine tools, can realize remote operation and maintenance guidance, processing output statistics, and issue NC processing programs and other functions, which improves the utilization rate of equipment; Digital manufacturing solutions.